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Establish your own community here, working together with real friends.

Like to live here?
Like to live here?
You can even if you're not Grizzly Adams.

Welcome to the wild Rockies, lush green forests, crystal clear streams, breathless views to leave you in awe, giving constant energy and inspiration.  This will be the setting for a small group of people like you focused on conscious development, where others will come to learn/teach/practice healing & martial arts, organic gardening, natural foods cooking, macrobiotics, meditation, practical & survival skills, and a wealth of ancillary studies.  The area offers a hiker's/photographer's/fisherman's/naturalist's dream!  The initial focus will be to build a main house & garage, then more dwellings and outbuildings, set up some alternative power systems, water system, gardens, fences and facilities to support a vital community during harsh winters.  Maybe we can find a few skilled people in the technical areas. The property (173) acres) located 31 miles south of the Canadian border off Montana Hwy 89, on the East side of Glacier National Park along the N. fork of Cut Bank Creek, is 100% unimproved at this time.  We hope to balance all the work with recreation though (volleyball? massage? sweatlodge? painting?) and great food. Accommodations will be tents at first until we get more permanent dwellings built.   Bring your own so there'll be enough to go around.  We have a few.

Our Mission Statement  is outlined on page 2 of this site.  Paul's article in Macrobiotic's Today Magazine really helps provide a basis to what we are all about.                                                                                                                                                                             

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